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About us


Lund Consulting Engineers CC (LCE) traces its origins back to the establishment of a Windhoek office of the firm Hydroconsults in 1966. As indicated by its name, this firm specialised primarily in water engineering, hydrology and hydraulics, although it also dealt with normal civil engineering works where these were associated with the primary field of activity. Among the first projects tackled by Hydroconsults, was the design and construction supervision of the Ruacana hydro-electric power scheme, which was successfully completed in 1978 and which still provides electrical power to Namibia today.

In the past engineering firms were primarily partnerships, and were typically named after the senior partner or all partners. LCE was no exception and progressed through a series of name changes as partners came and went, including Myburg and Partners, Myburg, Lund and Partners, to eventually become Lund Consulting Engineers. Over time, the Firm expanded its activities beyond the core field of water and hydraulic engineering to include general civil and structural engineering and project management. With the Firm’s involvement in the water supply sector in Namibia and particularly rural water supply projects, came a specialisation in the field of Community Based Management (CBM) and community-driven infrastructure projects. On 1 March 2005, the legal status of Lund Consulting Engineers was changed from that of a partnership to a close corporation, being Lund Consulting Engineers CC (LCE). This change did not affect the staff or operations of the Firm in any way.

Following a period of ever increasing cooperation between LCE and Pro-Services, a firm of mechanical engineers, on a variety of projects, the owners of the two firms realised the strategic advantage to be had from amalgamating their resources, as their areas of expertise and experience complimented each other very well. LCE and Pro-Services therefore formed a Joint Venture as of 01 March 2006. Following five years of operation under a Joint Venture, LCE and Pro-Services officially merged on 01 July 2011. This change also did not affect the staff or operations of the Firm in any way, but allows LCE to draw on a wider range of skills and experience and offer clients a more diverse spectrum of services.