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The dedication and technical expertise of LCE‘s staff ensures the provision of cost effective professional services of the highest quality, which encompass environmental factors, financial and economic viability, lifecycle costs and design requirements, flexibility, innovation, operational and maintenance requirements and any other specifications which the client may have, in the following fields:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed design
  • Research and investigations
  • Structural design
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Contract specifications
  • Optimisation and cost – benefit analyses
  • Tender documentation
  • Economic analyses
  • Tender adjudication
  • Project planning
  • Contract supervision
  • Master plans
  • Project Management
  • Topographical surveys and investigations
  • Quality control
  • Geological surveys and investigations
  • Commissioning
  • Hydraulic modelling and water supply network analyses


The Firm is able to provide the above-mentioned services in each of the core fields of water, mechanical, structural and general civil engineering. Specialist services in the fields of electrical, geotechnical and hydropower engineering are recruited as the need arises, locally, regionally or internationally. Some of the specialised services carried out in association with specialist consultants include multi-disciplinary project management, regional resource planning, tunnelling and rock stability as well as coastal engineering and harbour works. Specialist services in other fields, such as for environmental impact assessments, are also recruited either locally or regionally as may be required.

water eng right660_water_engineering_1Water Engineering
Water Resources Planning: Hydrology Rainfall and runoff modelling, Flood hydrology, Hydrological analyses; Groundwater Sufficiency analyses, Water quality determinations, Assessment, planning and design of borehole infrastructure; Integrated Water Resources Management and Systems Analyses, Water resources yield modelling, User sectors, analysis of user demand patterns and norms as well as night flows, Identification of water saving measures and problem areas…read more

right27_civil_engineeringGeneral Civil Engineering
LCE provides services in planning, geotechnical investigations through specialist consultancies, design, construction supervision, project management and post construction monitoring in the following fields: Roads Sports fields Bulk earthworks Water treatment plants Sewage treatment plants Air fields Topographical and engineering surveys read more

right737_Structural_EngineerStructural Engineering
LCE is able to provide services in the design of high rise buildings, bridges, abstraction towers, monuments, swimming pools and steel structures, ranging from complicated roof structures, lattice girder bridges and warehouses to water towers. Materials experience includes the use of reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, structural steel and timber. read more

right913_(08)_CBM_TrainingCommunity Based Management
In cooperation with Miriam Truebody Development Consultant (MTDC)LCE has extensive experience in the fields of Community Based Management (CBM) Training, capacity building and the implementation of community-driven projects. LCE and MTDC have together successfully completed several community-driven construction projects, where community participation, training and capacity building were carried out simultaneously with large civil and structural construction works. LCE has…read more