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Mechanical Engineering

Hydraulic Modelling

LCE is well-experienced with the use of the V8i and later versions of the Bentley WaterCAD software package, produced by Haestad Methods in the USA, which is regarded as the leading software programme for the analysis and design of pipeline networks. LCE has successfully used a number of WaterCAD models to analyse water supply systems, from linear bulk water supply pipelines to very extensive and interconnected pipeline networks, including surge analyses using the HAMMER plug-in to WaterCAD. These hydraulic models have incorporated ground level and elevated reservoirs, pump stations with different pump sets and configurations, defined pump curves and pumping regimens, flow control and pressure reducing valves, as well as isolating valves which open and close according to defined characteristics, and variable user demands.

Mechanical Engineering

LCE furthermore provides services in planning, design, tender administration, construction supervision, project management and post construction monitoring in the following fields:

• Pump stations
• Back-up power supplies (standby generators)
• Solar powered installations
• Air conditioning and ventilation
• Fire protection systems
• External and internal water supplies and reticulation
• Irrigation systems
• Measurements (flow, pressure etc.), data logging and subsequent analysis