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Water Engineering

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  • Rainfall and runoff modelling
  • Flood hydrology
  • Hydrological analyses



  • Sufficiency analyses
  • Water quality determinations
  • Assessment, planning and design of borehole infrastructure


Integrated Water Resources Management and Systems Analyses

  • Water resources yield modelling
  • User sectors, analysis of user demand patterns and norms as well as night flows
  • Identification of water saving measures and problem areas
  • Environmental releases and reserves
  • Financial analyses, including those of debtors and the financial position of local authorities with regard to the costs and revenues pertaining to water services
  • Cost and tariff analyses and calculations



The development and maintenance of water supply infrastructure is essential to meet the growing requirements of the population, and LCE has extensive experience in the planning, design and implementation of water and sewerage related infrastructure, from regional schemes and urban distribution systems to rural water supply schemes, water transfer schemes, river abstraction works, dams, reservoirs, canals, pump stations, pipelines and hydropower schemes. The services provided in these fields of expertise include:

Feasibility investigations

  • Evaluation of existing infrastructure
  • Determination of service requirements
  • Planning and design of facilities
  • Preparation of infrastructure master plans


Infrastructure Design

  • Setting up of design standards
  • Sizing of infrastructure
  • Cost analyses
  • Financial, economic and tariff studies
  • Optimisation and phasing of infrastructure and implementation



  • Physical infrastructure condition assessment
  • Infrastructure capacity assessment
  • Planning and design of water treatment processes
  • Waste water re-use
  • Feasibility analyses regarding different options of water treatment
  • Detailed design of water treatment facilities
  • Detailed design of sewer pump stations, pipelines and other associated infrastructure