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Bulk Sewer Reticulation Investigation

Project Description





In November 2005, the City of Windhoek appointed LCE to carry out a detailed investigation of the bulk sewer reticulation network for a major portion of the City. The aim of the assignment was to establish accurate as-built information of all bulk sewer lines, to carry out an assessment on the current condition of all pipelines and manholes, to determine the current and future loading on the system, to carry out flow measurements at specific locations, to compare the existing capacity with the required capacity, to propose required rehabilitation and upgrading programmes and to identify problem areas in the current operation and maintenance set-up. Special emphasis was put on leakage detection, leakage control and prevention in the main sewer lines in the groundwater-sensitive areas to the south of the City. Over 1,300 manholes were surveyed and assessed, and approximately 79 km of sewer pipelines analysed. The outcome of this investigation was a report to the City of Windhoek in June 2007, which can be used as a guideline for the future rehabilitation, upgrading and prioritisation of activities with regard to the sewer reticulation network.

Location: Windhoek

Completion: 2007