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Central Area Medium-Term Options for Water Supply

Project Description






NamWater appointed LCE in joint venture with SCE and other firms and individual experts to this feasibility investigation.

The main objective of this Study was to examine and identify potential water supply alternatives which could make a significant contribution to the security of water supply to the Central Area of Namibia (CAN) over the medium term, until such time as the long-term water supply to the area can be secured. A total of 47 options were investigated, incorporating groundwater sources and schemes, perennial rivers (the Kunene and Orange Rivers), ephemeral surface water sources (the Oanob, Hardap, Neckartal, Naute and Friedenau Dams), upgrades to existing infrastructure, localised supply options and localised supply and demand efficiency options. Overall, an an Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach was followed in investigating both supply-side and demand-side interventions. The various options investigated were compared and assessed on the basis of yield or supply potential, capital cost, unit capital cost (N$ / m3) implementation time frame, implementation constraints and pumping costs. Similar and/or related options were also clustered together for greater benefit and these clusters evaluated. Overall, recommendations were provided for the most promising options to be investigated further.

Location: Windhoek

Completion: 2021

Commencement: 2018