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Combined Regional Rural Water Supply Development Plan (Four North Central Regions)

Project Description





This project was initiated by the newly renamed Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation Coordination in the MAWF, and required an assessment of the current status quo of rural water supply in the four north central regions of Namibia. This included an assessment of both the pipeline and the borehole-based schemes, and incorporated an assessment of the water supply sources. An assessment of the future water demands and therefore the expected future capacities / shortfalls of the infrastructure, as well as of the operations and maintenance activities of the regional offices was be undertaken. The capacity of the 7,594 km of pipeline infrastructure was investigated using a WaterCAD hydraulic model set up for this purpose. This infrastructure also included 3,230 water point installations and 923 boreholes. Proposals, linked to cost estimates, by which the identified shortfalls can be addressed, were put forward, prioritised and an action plan for rural water supply provision for the next 15 years prepared for the MAWF.

Location: Central Northern Namibia / Cuvelai Area

Completion: 2011