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Desalination Feasibility Study

Project Description





This feasibility study was conducted for the Namibia Water Corporation Ltd. (NamWater) who were assigned as the Project Executing Agency, to undertake a feasibility study for the development of a Desalination Plant and Water Carriage System, to secure water supply to the central coastal area of Namibia, Windhoek, as well as en-route users (i.e. towns). The Feasibility Study was financed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, through the KfW Development Bank.

This feasibility study was appointed to ILF Consulting Engineers, with LCE as one of their sub-consultants and local liaison concerning the water supply sector in Namibia.

The primary objective of this feasibility study was to provide a comprehensive concept to secure and diversify the sources of Namibia’s water supply by combining the conventional water resources with a climate-independent supply of water and thus contribute to increased resilience in the Project Area. This project foresees the supply of future water deficits through suitable seawater desalination at a plant situated on the Atlantic Coast, to the Central Coastal Area of Namibia (CCA), the area around Windhoek, en-route users (towns) between the coast and Windhoek, and to Botswana, via pipeline transfer from the desalination plant to the consumers. This Feasibility Study examined the technical, technological, environmental, economic, social and financial aspects of these concepts.


Location: Namibia

Completion: 2021

Commencement: 2019

The Executive Summary of the Environmental and Social Scoping Report can be obtained here.