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Oshivelo – Omutsegwonime – Okankolo Water Supply Project: Four Construction Phases

Project Description





Following the approval of the Feasibility Study, and due to budgetary constraints, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry decided to implement this project in four construction phases. Each construction phase constituted a separate tender and contract. The table below provides details of the scope of each construction contract. For each of the construction phases, LCE carried out the detailed design, preparation of tender documentation, tender administration and adjudication, the project management, contract administration as well as full-time construction supervision and quality control. In conjunction with Miriam Truebody Development Consultant, LCE also carried out extensive Community Based Management (CBM) Training activities concurrently with construction, such as the facilitation of the election of community management committees and caretakers, the training of the elected community management committees and caretakers, the hand over of water point installations to the Water Point Associations on behalf of the Client, the hand over of gravity-fed pipelines to the Local Water Associations on behalf of the Client, as well as the coordination of community-based construction activities and CBM training with the contractors’ construction activities.

DetailPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4
Start December 2001April 2003April 2004June 2005
EndMarch 2003April 2004February 2005March 2006
Duration16 months12 months10 months9 months
ValueMN$ 18.518
MN$ 21.289
MN$ 16.249
N$ 11.619
Concrete Reservoirs2,250 m3
3,000 m3
Elevated Reservoirs
54.5 m3, 20 m
65 m3, 20 m
114 m3, 20 m
110 m3, 25 m
110 m3, 25 m
37 m3, 20 m
Pump stationCivil, mechanical & electrical works
Civil works
Pressure Pipelines16.3 km
26.1 km
Gravity Pipelines
180 km
147 km
167 km
Water Points116766967

Location: Oshikoto Region

Project Value: N$ 67.675 million

Completion: 2006

By separate appointment, LCE carried out the foundation design for the elevated reservoirs of Phases 2 and 3.