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Popa Falls Hydro Power Pre-Feasibility Study

Project Description





Water Transfer Consultants, which was a joint venture partnership between LCE and Bicon Namibia, undertook this Pre-feasibility Study for NamPower, the Namibia Power Corporation Ltd. BKS South Africa (hydrology, advising on weir design aspects and geotechnical investigations), EcoPlan (preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment), Fichtner GmBH of Germany (hydropower specialists) and Flowgate Projects of South Africa (spillway gate design) were sub-consultants who joined the Project Team. The objectives of this study were the review of previous studies, the reassessment of hydrological data using updated records, preliminary site and geological investigations, the identification of potential suitable weir sites, the investigation of alternative weir designs, the preliminary optimisation of the reservoir size, weir and spillway gate design, the preparation of a preliminary electro-mechanical feasibility design for a 5 to 20 kV power generation installation, the preparation of cost estimates and cost–benefit analyses. LCE undertook the technical evaluation of alternative weir sites, the optimisation of the weir sites, the mapping (area/volume determinations etc) of the proposed weir sites, assisted with the sediment transport analysis in liaison with a hydraulics and sedimentation specialist, carried out sedimentation measurements and sampling, assisted with the cost estimates and economic analyses, carried out the bulk of the project management and liaison between the Client and the other members of the Project Team, and carried out the bulk of the report writing, which was completed in November 2003.

Location: Popa Falls on the Okavango River

Completion: 2003

Commencement: 2002