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Ruacana South Water Supply Project

Project Description





The first phase of this Project consisted of the compilation of a Feasibility Study for the implementation of the Ruacana South Water Supply Project. The Project Area consists of two sub-areas: Sub-area 1 is the area 25 km to the east and 25 km to the west of Ruacana and 15 km south of Ruacana. Sub-area 2 consists of the area from Ruacana to Opuwo via Omakange (10 km offset on both sides of the main roads). Water supply to Opuwo Town and mines in the area also needed to be investigated. The aims and objectives of the Project are: Assessment of the existing water supply infrastructure, consultation with the Regional Authorities and communities, water resource investigations, water demand analysis, determination of supply shortfalls, determination of development and/or rehabilitation requirements, financial analysis and selection of preferred option, capital expenditure projection of preferred option and recommendations regarding the Project implementation. A detailed Feasibility Study was conducted, including assessments of these various aspects and the analysis of four project options or supply scenarios, which was submitted to the MAWF towards the end of 2014. Based on the Feasibility Study, the MAWF selected a different water supply scenario as the favoured project option for implementation. Due to budgetary constraints, it was foreseen that this option would be implemented in a phased manner over a period of several years. The detailed design and tender documentation for the construction of Phase 1 thereof was completed in 2015 and the construction tender advertised. This construction tender has not yet been awarded.