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System Interchange Pipeline Realignment

Project Description





The Roads Authority of Namibia appointed VKE Namibia as consulting engineers to design and oversee the implementation of the Extension of the Swakopmund – Walvis Bay Freeway to dual carriageway standards upgrade. The new System Interchange between the new Swakopmund – Walvis Bay freeway linking onto the existing main road MR 36 (C14) close to Walvis Bay International Airport will cross part of NamWater’s Schwarzekuppe – Swakopmund Pipeline. This pipeline is an important supply link, transferring water from the Kuiseb Borehole scheme in the south to Swakopmund and the surrounding mines to the north. Due to the alignment of the road, the new freeway crosses NamWater’s pipeline at oblique angles, which pipeline needed to be realigned through two sections on the northern and southern parts of the new interchange.

VKE approached LCE for assistance with the specialist pipeline design, which was carried out by LCE, together with KCE. This project consisted of the construction of a 890 m portion of 630 mm diameter PE 100 HDPE Class 16 pipeline, buried and through a culvert, a 435 m portion of 500 mm nominal diameter DCI Cass C30 pipeline laid above ground and through a culvert, as well as the construction of pedestals, thrust blocks, appurtenances, ancillary works and the connections to the existing NamWater pipeline. LCE conducted the designs, oversaw the tendering of the pipeline construction works and conducted the construction supervision and contract administration associated with these works, which were successfully tested and handed over to NamWater in mid-2021.

Location: Walvis Bay, Erongo Region

Completion: 2021

Commencement: 2020