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Tsandi South Water Supply Project: Feasibility Study And Three Construction Phases

Project Description





The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) initiated a feasibility study into extending the existing water supply pipeline system to the Tsandi South Area in the Omusati Region of north western Namibia, which was completed in 2001. In January 2003, the MAWF appointed LCE and Miriam Truebody Development Consultant to verify some of the findings of the Feasibility Study, to carry out the detailed design of the scheme, the preparation of the tender documents, as well as construction supervision, community mobilisation and committee training for the first implementation phase. The project area covers 1,800 km2 and is home to 43,664 people in 5,386 households spread over three constituencies.

A physical assessment of the condition of the existing water supply infrastructure (mainly community water points) in the project area, a desk study assessing the condition of the existing supply pipelines in the project area, and an extensive community consultation process were carried out during 2003. The design of the scheme proposed two alternatives, of which one was selected as the favoured alternative on the basis of a financial analysis. The detailed design work, an economic analysis of the project as a whole, a cost estimate and construction programme were consequently prepared for the favoured alternative. The economic analysis, performed with an European Union-appointed economist assisted the MAWF in securing European Union funding for portions of the project. The above work culminated in a Draft Design Report, which was presented to the MAWF and NamWater in June 2004.

The project was implemented over three construction phases, for which LCE carried out the detailed design, preparation of tender documentation, tender administration and adjudication, the project management, contract administration as well as full-time construction supervision and quality control.

In conjunction with Miriam Truebody Development Consultant, LCE also carried out extensive Community Based Management (CBM) Training activities concurrently with construction, such as the facilitation of the election of community management committees and caretakers, the training of the elected community management committees and caretakers, the hand over of water point installations to the Water Point Associations on behalf of the Client, the hand over of pipelines to the Local Water Associations on behalf of the Client, as well as the coordination of community-based construction activities and CBM training with the contractors’ construction activities.

DetailPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3
Start July 2005August 2006June 2008
EndFebruary 2007April 2008June 2009
Durantion7 months8 months12 months
ValueMN$ 18.435
MN$ 16.722
MN$ 18.462
Ground Level Reservoir----160m3
Pump station----Civil, mechanical & electrical works
Pipelines152.6 km
233.14 km
126.89 km
New Water Points747860
Rehabilitated Water Points--142--

Location: Omusati Region

Project Value: N$ 53.6 million

Completion: 2009